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A mini urban forest of 300 trees has been planted in Vasant Vihar in the Miyawaki style. A variety of native indigenous trees were carefully selected after research and discussions with experts. These include; Peepal, Banyan, Neem, Belpatra, Mango, Shahtoot, Lasora, Desi Babool, Harshringar, Pilu, Jaal, Jamun, Moringa, Kachnaar, Goolar and Arjun. We are looking after the trees planted for a period of three years. 

Besides, representatives from One Step Greener the tree planting drive was also voluntarily supported by over 200 people, mostly kids.

You too can join and plant trees with us. Gift a tree now!

We have an exciting challenge for all students wanting to participate. You can sign up to fundraise for us and avail a certificate and exciting prizes by raising Rs. 5000 or more. Sign up to become an Eco Warrior now!

Tree Plantation 2019: Who We Are
Tree Plantation 2019: Pro Gallery
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